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4th-wall-logo_rgbThe mission of The 4th Wall is to enable young theatre lovers to connect audiences and actors by truly breaking through the imaginary wall that often separates them. With the guidance and support of theatre arts professionals, members become theatre insiders. Their insights appear on CTC’s website, Facebook page, and other community publications. 4th Wall members will invite their peers to contribute actively to the arts community, thereby invigorating the growth of young audiences and by extension, strengthening all artistic endeavor.

DSC_6956Responsibilities will include the following for all CTC and Virginia Rep main stage shows:

  • Attend 4 mandatory meetings (September, December, February, May)
    Usher and do a curtain speech at least once for all Cadence Mainstage shows and usher for 3 of Virginia Rep’s Mainstage shows
  • Write reviews & blog posts
  • Promote Utix ($10 day-of-show tickets) for high school and college students with valid ID via social media and word-of-mouth
  • Create or help produce promotional videos and radio spots
  • Change Facebook profile pictures the week of show to promote the opening
  • Volunteer in opportunities such as: helping to run auditions, moderating the CTC Talk Back Sunday Series, underground marketing, RTCC awards, Christmas Parade, and others as needs arise

DSC_6954Benefits to membership:

  • Two free tickets to each of CTC and Virginia Rep Mainstage shows
  • Name, picture, and personal bio on websites for CTC and Virginia Rep
  • Work with professional theatre artists and mentors
  • Build resume and portfolio, experience, and contacts
  • Enjoy Workshops & Guest Speakers

Meet The 4th Wall!

Alex Shedd is an actor, writer, director, photographer, film buff, musician, fencer, and a cappella singer. He has been with The 4th Wall from the start, and is excited for another great year.

Sam Bardon is a Center For the Arts Theatre alumni and loves all things theatre! This is her first year as a 4th Wall member and she is thrilled for this wonderful season to begin!

Dani Brown is a third-year 4th Wall veteran, a hoarder of all things music and movies, and absolutely loves Christmas!

Izabela Clarke attended the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and helped backstage at the Nicole Miller show. Her favorite food is avocados!

Hannah Caffacus is a second-year 4th Wall member, techie, actor, and comedian. She loves guacamole, rock climbing, and all things theatre!

Corbin Bleu look-alike, Mahalia Jean-Pierre, is an artist, actress, musician, and entrepreneur! She enjoys long walks on the beach, cosmetology, and Sudoku!

Disney Princess wanna-be Elaina Riddell does her best to find the magic in every day life through art. From writing to acting, stage management to creating fashions, she takes every opportunity she can to express herself and observe other artists at work.

Nate Smith is an actor and film nerd who is very excited for his first year with the 4th Wall Student Leadership Program. He has a love for melodramatic phrasing and his favorite plant is Lamb’s Ear.

In addition to theatre, of course, Skye Shannon enjoys art, volleyball, and Dr. Pepper. She is excited for another awesome year with The 4th Wall!

Jessica Meyer has performed at the only re-creation of the Blackfriars Playhouse in the world. Her initials spell JAM because she’s always jamming!

Matalin Collins is new to The 4th Wall and absolutely loves theatre, music, and dance. She is a Disney fanatic who builds roller coaster models out of Popsicle sticks.

Kaelie Ukrop is an actor, stage manager, director, and all around theatre enthusiast that is jazzed to be a part of The 4th Wall for her first time. When not being a “crazy theatre person,” Kaelie loves riding her bike around Richmond and finding cool coffee shops to explore.

Daniel Kunkel is a native of Richmond. He enjoys music and theatre and the crunchy little bits of bacon on a salad. He wants to grow up and not own a ferret.

Kari Kolla is an aspiring entertainment manager and a pop culture aficionado. She enjoys surrealism and thrift stores and wishes Halloween came more than once a year.

Chandler Jez is named after Chandler Bing from Friends. He has not consumed soda in three years. He loves Neapolitan ice cream, which he has always called Napoleon ice cream.

Josina Ennas is an actress, stage manager, and Disney enthusiast. She’s super stoked to be part of The 4th Wall this year and regularly uses words like “stoked.”

Raven Wilkes can recite the entire 2003 live action film version of Peter Pan by heart, but sadly, has never been asked to do so. She is a British culture enthusiast with hopes of becoming knighted one day. One time in NYC, she managed to both shock Alan Rickman (Professor Snape) and make him smile at the same time.

Photos by Jason Collins Photography.

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