Sons of the Prophet

DJ Cummings (left) as Charles and Marquis Hazelwood as Vin

DJ Cummings as Charles and Marquis Hazelwood as Vin.

Sons of the Prophet
by Stephen Karam
February-March 2013 | Theatre Gym

presented by Cadence Theatre Company in partnership with Virginia Repertory Theatre

2013 RTCC Award Nominations
Best Play
Best Direction of a Play – Anna Johnson
Best Supporting Actor in a Play – DJ Cummings
Best Supporting Actress in a Play – Melissa Johnston Price

“Stephen Karam’s Sons of the Prophet, directed by Anna Johnson for Cadence Theatre Company is yet another impressive and expertly directed production for this talented director. Karam’s emotional dramedy is creatively staged and artistically executed on the small stage of Theatre Gym at VA Rep.” Jen Maciulewicz–

“Cadence Theatre’s exploration of a family’s struggle is so good it hurts.” Dave Timberline, STYLE Weekly

“After so many years producing, directing and acting, I often find it difficult to not think in overly analytical or, perhaps, much too opinionated terms. But tonight, my wife Marcia and I were both immersed in a wonderful whirlpool of both intensely gritty and comical humanity lavished upon us by a great performance of Sons of the Prophet, the current production from Cadence Theatre Company, co-produced by Virginia Repertory Theatre. In short, the script is a well-crafted roller coaster—what I like to refer to as a “dramedy” (part drama, part comedy) of tightly interwoven relationships, circumstances and human experience, directed masterfully by Anna Senechal Johnson. The technical aspects are all excellently designed, powerfully executed and complimentary to action, sight and sound. And every actor was, dare I say, spot on. Three of my all-time Richmond favorites, Kimberly Jones-Clark, Jackie Goldberg Jones and Alan Sader blew my socks off, as always. But the other cast members were also incredibly effective and honest in portraying the sincere humanity that must be there for a script like this to work. And work it did! Bravo! In short, go see this show!” Larry Gard, Artistic Director, Carpenter Science Theatre

Production Team
Joseph: Ryan Bechard
Gloria: Melissa Johnston Price
Physician’s Assistant/Dr. Manor/Board Member #1: Kimberly Jones-Clark
Bill: Alan Sader*
Charles: D J Cummings
Ticket Agent/Automated Voice/Board Member #2/Mrs. McAndrew: Jacqueline Jones
Timothy: Evan Nasteff
Vin: Marquis Hazelwood

Direction: Anna Johnson
Assistant Direction: Sarah Stepahin
Production Management: McLean Jesse
Lighting Design: Brian C. Barker

Sound Design: Andrew Hamm
Costume Design: Lynn West
Scenic Design: Terrie Powers Miller
Scenic Artist: Terrie Powers Miller
Show Video Design: Curt Miller

Master Carpenter: David Powers
Properties: McLean Jesse and Sarah Stepahin
Stage Management: Kim Pawlick and Sarah Stepahin
Technical Director: Matthew Landwehr
Fight Choreography: Ryan Bechard
Master Electrician: Emily Clarkson
Running Crew: Reid Kirtley and Sarah Stepahin
Sound Board and Video Operator: Taniqua Jones

House Management: Sarah Stepahin and Anna Johnson
Marketing Director: Billy Christopher Maupin
Development and Marketing Associate: Sheila Shedd
Show Photography: Jason Collins Photography
Promotional Video: Alex Shedd and Dani Brown
Program and Design: Billy Christopher Maupin
Program Design Support: Susan Senechal
Internet Services Manager: Lindsay C. Terrell
2012-2013 Production Intern: Taniqua Jones
2012-2013 Marketing and Administrative Intern: Sarah Stepahin
2012-2013 Literary Associate: Claire Yenson

* Member of Actor’s Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers
in the United States

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